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Traditional Careers and Jobs: Posts Round Up

by Elizabeth on March 7, 2014

After yesterday’s posts on part-time work and Wednesday’s articles about non-traditional jobs, it’s time for the posts round up on traditional careers. Check out the posts below:

From Planting Money Seeds: Market Yourself: Transferable Skills for Any Job

From Break the Sky:  Traditional Careers and Jobs

From Little Miss Moneybags:  Traditional Careers and Jobs (Opting Out, That Is)

From Breesha Jewelry & Books: Make Money from 5 to 9!

From NZ Muze: Career progression and climbing the ladder



Posts Round Up: Part Time Work

by Elizabeth on March 6, 2014

Is working part time for you? Check out today’s posts on the benefits and downsides to part-time work:

From Femme Frugality: Working Part Time As An Adult Kind of Sucks

From Break the Sky: Part-Time Work

From Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance: Should I Work Part-Time? Issues Surrounding Part Time Work

From Thursday Bram: The Danger of Part-Time Work

From Mom’s Plans: From Benefits of Working Part-Time While Homeschooling

Check back later in the day for additional posts.


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